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"This is a local shop for local people, there's nothing for you here!"

Tubbs Tattsyrup (recurring phrase, now a part of popular culture)

Tulip "Tubbs" Tattsyrup is the deuteragonist of The League of Gentlemen. She is the husband to Edward Tattsyrup. She is portrayed by Steve Pemberton


Tubbs is the co-proprietor of the Local Shop -- which is situated on a hill just above Royston Vasey proper. It is a Local Shop for local people. Tubbs and her husband (and brother), Edward, do not approve of non-local outsiders who do not understand their local customs and local ways. They are extremely distrustful of anyone not local (and usually end up killing anyone not local). Although their shop (which they inherited from their mother) is full of "precious things", they are loathe to part with their stock. Tubbs wears a wedding band made of string, eats hair sandwiches, and eats onions as though they were apples. Although she's a killer, there is a childlike innocence to her.

Although controlled by her domineering husband, Tubbs begins to see that there are things worth seeing outside of Royston Vasey. Apparently Edward has kept information from Tubbs for a long time. Feeling betrayed and curious, she is delighted when her estranged son David returns and offers to take her to London. Unfortunately, Edward "does" something to David, and Tubbs has no choice but to remain local.

Eventually, she and Edward strike out to find David (who has mutated a bit) a bride. After a few failed attempts at finding the proper "local" stock, they manage to capture Barbara, who agrees to wed their son. Sadly, on their son's wedding night, the Shop is burned to the ground (by locals who wrongly believe that they are responsible for the plague -- for once Tubbs and Edward are actually innocent of any crime). Barbara escapes, and eventually bares Tubbs' grandchildren -- twins!

At the beginning of the third season we discover that Tubbs and Edward survived the burning of the local shop (a little worse for wear) and they set out to find someplace new to call "local". Unfortunately, Tubbs doesn't realize that she's leading them down train-tracks, and she and Edward are mowed down by a train.

Useless Trivia[]

  • Tubbs is based on a real-life shopkeeper in a little town near Brighton called Rottindean. Whilst on their first tour, the League-members wandered into her shop, and she proceeded to watch them all warily as though she didn't trust them. She also had a lot of snowstorms and tourist junk. She was so defensive of the "strangers" in her shop that the League (who are all nice guys, really) got rather offended at her distrust.
  • Tubbs eats onions as though they were apples -- an idea gleaned from an episode of "The Time, The Place" watched by Mark and Reece. The episode was on the abuse of hypnotism, and was also where they got the idea of Professor Erno Breastpinch'd.


  • Can I help you at all?
  • This is a local shop for local people. There's nothing for you here.
  • Twelvty
  • My insides are all wrong
  • We didn't burn him!
  • I can I can't
  • I have a husband, you know
  • He covets the precious things of the shop
  • Lines and lines and lines and lines...
  • There is a Swansea!
  • I was to see Les Mis!
  • Come for me when the firey ball weighs heavily in the sky...