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Oliver "Ollie" Plimsolls is the head of travelling theatre company Legz Akibmo.


Legz Akibmo is based on all the companies the League work with as young actors.

Oliver Plimsolls is a real person that Reece worked with in Theatre in Education. The "proper actor" like was used by him when Reece left, but he wasn't malice like Reece in Series 1 was.


TV Series[]

Series One[]

It begins with the troupe trying to find their way to Royston Vasey, stuck first in the construction of the New Road, then on a Roundabout.

They arrive at the school to preform their play about Teenage Homosexuality call "Everybody Out", he reveals that Phil has been given a professional job which he is tricked off about in his speech. They explain the plot and what it's about but Ollie goes on a rant about his ex-wife Linda who left him and is a lesbian. The play is performed and the students are bored solid, but it's spoiled by Ollie who at the end rants about Phil but Dave decides to leave as well Ollie in shock goes to be sick.

Series Two[]

In the final episode, Legz Akibmo tries to get into the town while the army is in control. But in the end they are used to entertain the sick in a community hall. The Play is called No Home 4 Johnny about homelessness, but when they present the characters for the audience to ask questions it's clear that they are out of their league with grown adults. The play is preformed, it fails with the Mayor leaving only to be chased by a angry mob.

Series Three[]

In the Third Episode, Ollie is rehearsing his latest issue play, Vegetable Soup at The Salmon of Knowledge, in London. Then they try improvising in the real world, while angrily trying to get Dave to be a Deaf-blind person in a cake shop showing his own lack of knowledge, then Phil in character falls with a strong guy alerting Ollie, who fails to convince the stranger after saying the wrong thing, Ollie ends up headbutted with a broken nose by the strong guy. Near the end of episode Geoff on the run from the police takes the van while Ollie in the wheelchair trying to chase but fails.

Anniversary Specials[]

Ollie is seen at an award show, however it turns out to be a dream and he's a drama teacher, but then Phil and Dave appear and they present a play to the happy students and then Ollie awakes. He's a Drama Teacher to a class of disinterested students.

Live Shows[]

Drury Lane[]

Ollie appears in Act One presenting his new play about the North, Scumbelina which sends up plays about the North.

Are Behind You[]

Act One has Ollie revealing he is creating a Commu-nativity using local people after being refused a grant, he misses the rehearsals due to his stalking Linda and her lover. However he finds Mary in the form of Anne Hand, however he plays an angel in the dress rehearsal however stopping the show only to end Act One crushed under the scenery.

Live Again[]

Act One has Legz Akibmo presenting their new play about Stranger Danger.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • "Go to Joan Glover" the song Ollie sings was used in College by the league as a warn up song they used it because they disliked it.
  • The Sweater Ollie wears in Series Two was the one Reece wanted to wear for Series One but for some reason it couldn't be used.
  • The Mask of Winter in No Home For Johnny was based on the one they used in the Canal Cafe Show.
  • The Salmon of Knowledge is the Canal Cafe Theatre where the League first preformed.
  • Bessie the name of the Van came from Doctor Who.
  • In one of the Live shows Programs was a fictional Email Address one fan upon finding out it was fake, created a account and spoke to other fans on Forums in character.
  • While there are no deleted scenes there are bloopers for the Third Series scene in London of them is a man helping Mark not realising there was cameras.