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David Tattsyrup is the son of Tubbs and Edward, his return helps towards the climax of Series One. After this he is changed into a different creature.

TV Appearance[]

Series One[]

David before turning into a monster

When we first see David he is amazingly normal, well-spoken, and charming. It is hard to believe he's the product of Tubbs and Edward! Tubbs doesn't even recognize him. David had gone away to college in London, started a construction business, and eventually fought for the contract to get a road built through Royston Vasey so he could reconnect with his parents. When Edward shunned his son, David offered to take his mother back with him to London. Somehow, Edward convinced David to remain "local", and immediately David's appearance began to change.

Series Two[]

By Series 2, David had become... something else. Something monstrous, tall, and covered in hair that growls. Benjamin is a friend until he ran away. After Haig, wakes him up he is forced to become a friend, but it's unsure of the slap head's fate. Eventually his parents decided it was time for him to wed, due to their age. After stealing a Land Rover, they eventually kidnapped Barbara, who was up for the idea and the wedding was done in the shop. Unfortunately, David only got to experience one night of wedded bliss before he died -- trapped in the shop as it burned to the ground (due to a misunderstanding on the part of the townspeople, who thought that the Tattsyrups were somehow responsible for the plague). Barbara watched with the crowd as David was burnt to death.

Series Three[]

Barbara lay a wreath for David vowing to always love him at the end she bore his twins -- a son and a daughter.


  • David with a pig nose make Mark look like Tony Blair.
  • When they recorded David revealing he was behind the road, there was a gasp from the Audience.
  • When they rehearsed David's transformation, Mark said Dada to Reece.
  • David's growls were created from Pigs.